Welcome to Property Marketer!


Welcome to Property Marketer - your complete real estate marketing machine!

We believe Property Marketer is the most sophisticated platform for professional real estate agents anywhere in the world, encompassing an incredible range of tools to increase your productivity.

Listing Pad

Listing Pad is unlike anything else available. A completely bespoke listing presentation either to your specs or using our Ultimate Listing Agenda, housed in a native iPad app. Read More...

Market Roundup

Become the expert source for real estate information in your are by answering the two most commonly asked questions - 'How's the market?' and 'What's my property worth?'. Read More...


Solve a common dilemma amongst agents - the reams of testimonials on faxes, emails, letters, on the back of napkins that never get utilised as they should. Accolades stores them in the cloud and puts them to work. Read More...


Prelude gives you a pre-listing kit that is personalised for each agent and each prospect in seconds! Read More...

And Much More!

Property Marketer is the sister site to Sales Trainer Active, an incredible resource of tools, manuals, audio and assistance for real estate professionals.

Property Marketer ties in with the techniques and methods taught by Sales Trainer to extend into areas like the PRÓSPECTOR prospecting machine so that Property Marketer subscribers get customisable, branded prospecting tools at the touch of a button.

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